Instructions for deleting a user account in Gameram

For General Data Protection Regulation compliance, we provide users an opportunity to delete their account on their own.

How to delete an account?

1. Open your account in Gameram and tap on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

User's profile screen

2. On the settings screen, scroll down the list of options and find the 'Delete Account' button at the bottom.

User's profile settings

3. When you tap the button 'Delete account', you will see the survey. Please answer the question about the reason why you are leaving Gameram. It will help us to improve the app.

Survey screen

4. After answering the survey you will see the information screen. Please note, that your account will be deactivated for 30 days. During this period, you can restore your profile. After 30 days, your profile and account data (likes, comments, posts, chats etc.) will be permanently deleted.

Information screen

5. To deactivate your profile, enter your email and password.
If you forgot your password, you can tap on button 'Forgot your password?' and restore it via email.

Confirmation screen

5. 1. If you logged in with Apple or Google account, please tap the button 'Continue with Apple / Google'.

Confirmation screen

6. You will see confirmation of account deactivation.
If you have any questions, please send your inquiries to Service support at or from user's profile screen. You also can send a support request to delete your account in less than 30 days.

All correspondence received by us from you (written or electronic inquiries) is classified as restricted-access information and may not be disclosed without your written consent. The personal data and other information about you may not be used without your consent for any purpose other than for response to the inquiry, except as expressly provided by law.
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